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Ward Law, LLC is a certified woman-owned law firm, where diversity meets vision and changes the way clients view their legal matters. When you hire a Ward Law attorney, you get straightforWard legal advice. Our passion is helping our clients manage risks and minimize costs. Our committed, zealous team of seasoned lawyers are proven resolution experts. We put our clients’ priorities first. We listen to our clients while taking a pragmatic approach to bring their matters to a close in a manner that benefits them best!

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World Autism Awareness Day 2024

By: Jennifer Ward, Esq. As we celebrate World Autism Awareness Day, I reflect on my journey as a mother of two boys who are on the spectrum. Each day is a testament to their resilience, unique ...

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An Entirely New Perspective to the Practice of Law

Would it shock you to learn that over-billing is a common complaint from clients? We hear you. We have transparent pricing. If you need a litigation budget, we’ll provide one. If a client has litigation guidelines, we work efficiently within them. And, while we can’t always predict which way the wind will blow, we’ll keep you updated. Just because you trusted us your legal counsel doesn’t give us permission to spend your money without your clear direction and authority.

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Your Legal Problems are Our Highest Priority

It may surprise you, but the number one complaint about attorneys is that they don’t return their client phone calls in a timely manner, if at all. A successful attorney-client relationship is based on trust, which is fundamentally rooted in prompt communication. Ward Law attorneys take communication seriously. Our firm core value is prompt and responsive service. We are available 24/7/365. You no longer have to wait days to hear back from your attorney.

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